Wave Broadband Support

  • Please use the following Wave Technical Support Phone number when calling in for an issue with your service/equipment. 1-866-928-3123. In order for the support team to quickly identify the appropriate account and device, it is best to start the conversation with the following: " I am calling about my internet connection tied to the "98 Union Condominium bulk account"( this is the parent account) in unit #_________   and provide your name . Note; Wave technicians only provide information to the account holder.
  • Provide your information and if for some reason they say they can't find your equipment, they may ask for the bulk master account number associated with 98 Union. Provide the following # 8136500250005484 This is the master account for the bulk service.
  • If  Wave is still unable to locate your account info, or you're having difficulty with tech support, please contact our Wave representative Shannon Eagleburger either by phone or email to provide as much detail as possible with the issue. She will do her best to respond promptly to resolve your account issues.

   Shannon Eagleburger - Wave Broadband
Mobile: 360-410-7928
Email: seagleburger@wavebroadband.com

Please Note: Your first Universal Converter (DTA) will be provided at no  charge.  If you have additional services, or would like to have other equipment installed, this will be your responsibility.