Profile Instructions

Once logged in, select  'My Profile'  from the profile drop-down menu. Here you can add or edit your information by selecting 'Edit." On this screen you will see tabbed fields (see below) that you can choose from to complete your profile. To view your profile select 'View' from the menu.  Note; all personal information provided is private and secure, viewable only by yourself and 98 Union admin. You can also change your password by going to the settings tab located under the My Profile section.

Below is a list of the tabbed fields you will see on the edit section of your profile.

Resident Informationhelp keep us stay current with your phone numbers, email addresses, key info, and more.

Permission to Enter ( Permanent )provide names, contacts and pertinent information for family or friends you have authorized to have access to your unit on a permanent basis.

Emergency Contacts  provide us names,current phone numbers and any other pertinent information.

My Pets -  any information about your pets you wish to share including Veterinarian contacts.

Parking /Vehicle -  information about your vehicle and parking space number