The following topics address commonly asked questions regarding life at 98 Union and also serve as a reminder of basic House Rules. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact the Building Manager or the Property Manager.

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98 Union Front Door Intercom
Charitable Donations
Dry Cleaning Vendors
Enforcement of House Rules
Furniture Deliveries
Garbage & Recycle
How Do I get Rid Of This?
Housekeeping / Cleaning Services
Local Transportation
Move In / Move Out
Remodel & Construction
Reporting Violations or Concerns
Wave Internet/Cable Support


98 Union Front Door Intercom
  • Guests may use the intercom at the front door to contact you when the concierge is unavailable. Guests can use the intercom keypad to scroll through the resident list, locate your name and enter the code on the intercom keypad. It will ring the linked phone number (your residence land line or mobile phone). Upon answering your phone, press "9" on your phone's keypad to unlock the front door. Note: the intercom does not display the condo unit number so make sure your guest knows how to find your unit once they enter the building.
  • You can access the front door camera on channel 61 of your WAVE cable TV.  If that channel is not accessible, call WAVE to install a splitter on your TV so you can access the front door camera when the concierge is not available.


Charitable Donations

Have items you wish to donate? The following link provides information to help in selecting the charity of your choice: Where to Donate


Dry Cleaning Vendors
  • Blue Sky Cleaners: (206) 838-8433  Schedule: Pickup:Monday-Deliver:Thursday  Pickup :Tuesday-Deliver: Friday - Pickup:Thursday Deliver:Monday Pickup:Friday-Deliver:Tuesday
  • Angies French Cleaners: (206) 622-6727


Enforcement of House Rules
  • The primary goal of 98 Union House Rules is to ensure an enjoyable living environment for all residents at 98 Union. When the actions of any resident disturb another, it is important to resolve the situation as quickly as possible. To that end, in most cases the first action will be for the Building Manager to meet with all parties to mediate the situation and achieve an acceptable resolution. If mediation fails, fines may be necessary to enforce compliance.


Furniture Deliveries
  • Please notify the 98 manager of all furniture deliveries one week ahead of the date by completing the Home Delivery Notice form.


Garbage & Recycle: Cleanscapes Schedule
  • Recycle – Pick up     Weekly on Sunday and Thursday What's Recyclable
  • Garbage – Pick up    Weekly on Monday and Thursday  What's Prohibited
  • Compost – Pick up    Weekly on Wednesday


How Do I Get Rid Of This?

The following links provides detailed information about locations to bring your oversized household appliances, TV's, hazardous waste items and more:


Housekeeping / Cleaning Services

The following companies currently provide housekeeping services to 98 Union residents. If you choose to use another service please ensure that they are licensed and bonded, a requirement for working at 98 Union.

  • Excellence in Housekeeping /  206-501-8302   website
  • Immaculate Housekeeping /  888-315-2206   website
  • Quality Cleaning, Etc.  /  206-282-5855  website
  • Ayda's Housekeeping  /  206-992-6057  email
  • Monica's Cleaning Services  /  206-679-6302  email


Local Transportation

Below are a links to the various transportation options, including up-to-the-minute schedules for your planning.


Move In/Move Out
  • All moves, in or out of  98 Union, must be scheduled in advance with the Building Manager by completing the Move In / Move Out form.
  • Important details for planning your move are available in PDF form at this link.
  • Moving must be done between the hours of 9:00 am and 4:00pm, Monday through Friday only.
  • No moving after hours or on weekends is allowed.
  • You must have someone stationed at the garage door at all times during your move.
  • If you will be using a large moving van and blocking the alley, the City of Seattle requires a permit which requires one week advance notice. The building manager can facilitate this process.


  • Any noise that disturbs your neighbors must be controlled; this includes TV's, stereos, pets and guests.
  • Noise complaints must be addressed immediately.
  • Immediate and substantial fines will be made for late-night disturbances.


  • There are no unassigned parking spaces in the garage; every space is owned by a specific unit.
  • You may only park in the parking space owned by your unit, unless you have express permission to park in another unit's parking space (for example if you are renting someone's parking space).
  • Parking in any other location without express permission is not allowed and will result in a fine.
  • On occasion an owner may make their space available for others to use on a temporary basis (for guests, for example). Please consult with the building manager and/or door staff for availability.


  • Up to two domestic pets are allowed per unit.
  • Any pet in the common areas must be on a leash, carried or in a carrier.
  • No exotic animals are allowed.
  • Pets which cause problems with noise or aggressive behavior may be required to be removed.


Remodel & Construction
  • Before planning any repair, remodel or renovations to your unit, please be sure to download and read the 98 Union Construction Guidelines
  • Remodeling plans must be submitted to the Board for approval prior to any construction activity.
  • Construction fees and damage deposits are required and will be set by the Board after review of plans.
  • Construction activity is limited to the hours of 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.
  • No vendor parking is allowed onsite other than in unit owner's parking spot.
  • No use of common areas is allowed for construction purposes, including staging, pre-fabrication, carpet or tile cutting, etc.


  • Owners may lease their units with a one-year minimum rental agreement
  • Owners are responsible at all times to ensure that their renters comply with the House Rules


Reporting Violations or Concerns
  • In the interest of avoiding direct conflict between neighbors, please notify the Building Manager of concerns regarding violations of House Rules. E-mail or a written note provides good documentation if further action is needed.
  •  A. Please be sure all outside doors including those in the garage are securely locked after you enter or exit them.
    B. Do not let strangers into the building either from the garage or front door entry. If someone wants into the building, refer them to the entrance on Union Street and ask them to dial the appropriate unit for entry.
    C. When entering or leaving the garage area, do not leave the vicinity of the entry gate until the gate is entirely closed. If you witness someone entering the garage either on foot or car without following protocols please contact the Concierge immediately. If the situation appears urgent please contact 9-1-1. Do not confront the individual directly (s)
    D. Keep your cars locked in the parking area and the door clicker out of sight at all times.
    E. If a visitor is using the entry system at the front door entrance when you want to enter the building, please wait until they are buzzed in or use your key to enter on the door to the right.
    F. Do not volunteer information to strangers in the lobby, hallways, elevators, or outside of the building regarding residents’ units, presence, or absence.
    G. Report any and all suspicious activity to Door Staff, Building Manager, and/or 911.
    H. After hours, Market Security is available if you need to report non
    -emergency suspicious activity in the neighborhood, their phone number is 682-2253
    I. In the event of an emergency, call 911.
    J. Door staff must always call and have resident’s approval before allowing visitors to leave the lobby area and proceed to their unit via  elevators or stairwell.
    K. Residents employing the routine services of a house cleaner or other outside contractor must obtain a special fob from the Building Manager. Under no circumstances shall anyone give out any copy of the Building’s exterior door key.
    L. Owners/Residents employing the services of painters, repairmen, etc. must schedule with the
    Building Manager to have said workers let into the building and unit


  • Smoking is not allowed in any common area at 98 Union, nor within 15 feet of any building entrance.
  • Smoking is allowed ONLY within the confines of an individual unit.
  • Smoke may not go out into the common hallways, out a window affecting units to the side, above or below. The use of an air purifier such as Bionaire is recommended for indoor smoking.


Wave Internet/Cable Support
  • Please use the following Wave Technical Support Phone number when calling in for an issue with your service/equipment. 1-866-928-3123. In order for the support team to quickly identify the appropriate account and device, it is best to start the conversation with the following: " I am calling about my internet connection tied to the "98 Union Condominium bulk account"( this is the parent account) in unit #_________   and provide your name .
  • Tech support will request the modem serial number located on the bottom of the modem. Tech support will guide you through this process if you're unsure of what numbers to provide.
  • If asked for a phone number associated with the account, please provide the Building Managers telephone number to verify at 206 403 8405
  • If  Wave is unable to locate your account info, please contact our Wave representative Shannon Eagleburger either by phone or email to  promptly resolve account issues.Mobile: 360-410-7928 (m)
    Email: seagleburger@wavebroadband.com